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Console hacking


Z80 single board computer
Home automation / weather station
Earthquake Early Warning terminal




Please bear with me while I recreate important pages such as my console modifications and add them to this new website.


Saturday 30th September, 2017 - Recovering old pages

I have started to recover some of the useful pages from my old website - for example the Megadrive console modifications. Unfortunately I am missing some images and files; please bear with me while I hunt them down. For the moment images are missing.

Friday 29th September, 2017 - New website launched

Welcome to the new look of my personal website. Unfortunately I had to dump the old website and replace it with this new one powered by the open source DokuWiki project. The old website ran on a custom CMS I designed and required an old version of sqlite to function, along with an outdated database access library. The work required to update it to run on a modern version of PHP with UTF-8 support proved to be not worth the effort; moving to dokuwiki will allow me to keep the site up-to-date with more information about my projects.

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